Nokia C202

Nokia C202 is more than standard phones, Nokia C2-02 is touch phones with slider type style!!. This Nokia phones rumored comes with cheap prices, with standard as "young phone". I know that Nokia C202 is not super smartphone or premium phones, Nokia C2-02 just only powered by Symbian OS 40th version 6th edition. What is touch screen type? well C202 Nokia has resistive type and not capacitive touchscreen series.

Samsung Galaxy Y

Samsung Galaxy Y is the new cheap Android phones from Samsung, but wait guys, Samsung Galaxy Y powered by 832 MHz processor and Gingerbread Android OS (Version 2.3)!! , this phone looks interesting for all new Android phones users. Samsung S5360 or just called Galaxy Y is almost same as Samsung Galaxy Mini, this phone comes with friendly prices, medium design size, and enough for entry level phones users.

Samsung Galaxy Mini

Samsung Galaxy Mini or also called Samsung Galaxy S5570 is simple and also cheap android phone from Samsung, it's comes with Android Froyo and great 600Mhz processor for smooth running. Samsung actually released lot of cheap Android phones such as Galaxy Fit and also Galaxy Gio, but Galaxy Mini is cheapest than other Samsung android variant.
Samsung Galaxy Mini
Samsung Galaxy Mini comes for simplicity and fun, the HSDPA and also Wifi features makes the internet experience more fast and easy. As you know, Android phones comes with Market place, you can easy to find free application for Android phones.

Nokia 701

Nokia 701 is classic style smartphone from Nokia, but don't worry, I found that Nokia 701 powered by 1 GHz of processor type!! Nokia said this processor is strong enough to play Nokia 701 smoothly, and I believe this. Here is the first Nokia 701 picture / Photo and it's taken from Nokia Europe official website.
Nokia 701
Nokia 701 is all about smart classic design, fresh style, and it's powerful hardware for awesome performance. Nokia uses super bright 3.5" on display, 8 Mp of camera that can make high definition (HD) format video !!. Nokia 701 also comes with 8Gb of memory, play more song and video is no problem for this smartphone.

LG Optimus 2X - More Powerful More Fun

Did you know about this phone? this is LG Optimus 2X from LG Mobile Phones. LG Optimus 2X is the first 2 core cpu on the phones, Optimus 2X powered with Dual-core 1GHz ARM Cortex-A9 proccessor !! and for more better performance, LG Optimus 2X also come with ULP GeForce GPU, and you must to know that it's Tegra 2 chipset. This phone also come with Android OS, there is Android OS, v2.2 version or also named Froyo, of course it upgradable to Android v2.3 version.
LG Optimus 2X
LG Optimus 2X is large display phone with 14" TFT capacitive touchscreen, also powered 16M colors and wide 480 x 800 pixels of resolution.
LG Optimus 2X Android
If you like take a picture or also video with your phones, LG Optimus 2X has good camera phones, you can make video with 1080p @24fps, and 720p@30fps, it's good for watching in HD TV or also in your HD Monitor computer. So far.. Ilike this Optimus 2X type, almost complete phones for my daily activity.
Another Features of LG Optimus 2X :

Samsung I5503 Galaxy 5 Cheap Android !!

Well, here is one of cheap andriod phones, that right.. Samsung I5503 Galaxy 5. It's seem like Samsung Corby style but it's come with Android Operating System. Samsung I5503 or Samsung galaxy 5 used Android Eclair 2.1, it's good for cheap android phones, you can get more android application on the android market. What about Galaxy camera? guys.. this phones only have 2mp, not so good for some people who like about photography.
Samsung I5503 Galaxy 5
Wifi included !! great job samsung.. you can use The Wifi tools for your daily activity, you can browing and surfing on the internet, get free download and also find everything on the internet as you like. If you use unlimited internet connection, Samsung Galaxy 5 powered with HSDPA and 3G, nice yeah... Music come with standard 3.5 jack audio, it's mean you can use another headset for your phone.

What about Samsung I5503 Galaxy 5 prices? in my country, it's under $200 !! so.. get it now, but if you want to try another cheap android phones, you can try Sony Ericsson X8. Have a nice day..

Sony Ericsson X8 Android

Well, the SE X8 is one of Sony ericsson android phones, it's mean you can use your finger for touch the X8 screen to get more experience. Sony Ericsson X8 come to the market afeter the Sony ericsson Xperia 10 mini and mini pro. So.. The SE X8 is the best choice for Sony Ericsson lover who want to try the Android phones without expensive prices? what.. yeah guys.. in my country, The Sony Ericsson X8 (Xperia8) sell just only under $200 !! it's in the same range as like Samsung galaxy 5 (5503). But Sony Ericsson X8 come with 3.2 MP of camera and also wider screen than Samsung with 3" camera layout.
Sony Ericsson X8 Android
So.. It's the best rival for all android phones.. with cheap prices, SE X8 is awesome
Sony Ericsson X8 Android 2