Nokia 701

Nokia 701 is classic style smartphone from Nokia, but don't worry, I found that Nokia 701 powered by 1 GHz of processor type!! Nokia said this processor is strong enough to play Nokia 701 smoothly, and I believe this. Here is the first Nokia 701 picture / Photo and it's taken from Nokia Europe official website.
Nokia 701
Nokia 701 is all about smart classic design, fresh style, and it's powerful hardware for awesome performance. Nokia uses super bright 3.5" on display, 8 Mp of camera that can make high definition (HD) format video !!. Nokia 701 also comes with 8Gb of memory, play more song and video is no problem for this smartphone.
Nokia 701 angry birds
Well, there are also another features, such as NFC built in, it's for better and east connectivity> Email, music, radio and more on Home Screen Display / Widget can make you can do anything in one touch !! As we know, 1 Ghz processor is almost be the standard "brain" today for smartphones, such as for premium Android phone. Nokia as one of the most popular smartphone, bring this Nokia 701 in to this level class.
Nokia 701 Camera
How much a Nokia 701 prices? well, I don't know, but I thing it's like another smartphone in the market, Nokia 701 looks great with strong hardware, Nokia must do something to fight with Android phones or Iphone in the market. Basically, Nokia 701 is the answer for all Nokia fans.. let see in the nest article, is Nokia 701 worth to buy? or not?.. please be patient

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