Samsung Genoa a.k.a Pop - Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung Genoa or Samsung Pop is the new entry level from Samsung Mobile Phones. It's Touchscreen phones with 2,8" of screen size and powered by 1,3mp of camera. We know that Samsung Corby Touchscreen is the best phones between prices and performance, i mean.. it's more cheap than anothe mobile phones as like nokia 5800, Nokia 5230 or The new Nokia 5233. Samsung Genoa is perfect for new user, it's very beautiful phones, come with full touchscreen, it's easy to play game or watch your favorite video.. so let's get more fun with Samsung Genoa a.k.a Samsung Pop

Key Features of Samsung Genoa

1. 1,3 Mp2. 2,8" Screen Size
3. Easy play music and video
4. Fun Messenger !! Facebook or twitter
5. Cheap prices !!!

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