"Droid X" is Motorola Android X

Motorola Android X
"Droid X" is Motorola Android X, that's true, The most popular Motorola phones today. Motorola Droid X powered with 1-GHz processor and 512MB of memory , dual LED flash and camera -- 8 mega pixels with 720p video capture, display is a WVGA 480X854 pixel, 8GB of storage internal, and the phone comes with a 16GB microSD card, power 1540mAh battery, !! it's very great for me.. Android is one of the best Operating System for phones, A lot of advantages of Android System, free or open source and of course it's free for phones Manufacture or phones brand to make a Android phones.Truly, i thing this is a great moment for Motorola Mobile Phones to be a leader on Android Phones with Motorola Droid X.Motorola Droid X come with Android 2.1, nice phone from Motorola ..


Anonymous said...

I like this mobile phone. but I can't change my mobile phone, because I have the old mobile phone, Nokia 5310 :D

Phones C said...

The Motorola Android X is perfect for your business phones .. if you like a new Mobile OS, Droid X is the best..