LG KE770 Internet and Java setting

LG KE770 Internet and Java setting : here is the option to connect your LG KE770 phone to the internet, some Java application need internet connection, and here they are..
LG KE770 Internet 
1. menu->setting->connectivity->network->Network profile-> and then press option
2. create a new profile
Name : your_name_card
Bearer : GPRS
APN: your_internet_name
User ID : your_id-internet_name
password : your_internet_name_password
primary server: leave blank
Secondary server : leave blank

Second step :
menu->browser->Setting->network profile

Name : your_-internet_name
Homepage : http://your_id-internet_name
proxy : off ON
IP address : your_id-internet_IP
port : 8080
Access Point : choose with your created before
press Save.

LG KE770 Java Setting :
My Stuff->Games & Apps->Settings->Network profile-> choose your created profile before

Done !!

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