Recommended QWERTY Cell Phones

Recommended QWERTY Cell Phones : A lot of Qwerty Cell phone in the market, but which is the best? I also looking for best Qwerty cell phones, i love Qwerty cell phones because it's very comfortable in my hand, easy to write SMS, Email or Chatting. So here is the Recommended QWERTY Cell Phones

Come with many of Cell phones brand :

1. LG Voyager
2. LG Lotus
3. Samsung Rant
4. LG enV2
5. Samsung Glyde
6. Pantech Matrix
7. T-Mobile Sidekick 2008
8. Samsung Propel
9. Samsung Gravity
10.Verizon Wireless Blitz

Well that's all, but where is Nokia, or Sony Ericsson? i don't know
Good luck..

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