Samsung Wave S8500 come with Bada OS

Samsung Wave S8500 or Samsung Bada S8500 is the new Samsung Smart phones, we know that IPhone with their Operating system is popular and also the new great Android OS Phone, so whats more from Bada OS with this "Samsung Wave S8500 Bada OS" ?

samsung bada wave s8500
Here is the key of Samsung wave S8500 Spec
* Super AMOLED display – UI Touchwiz 3.0 – Aluminium body
* Kamera 5Mp – Divx player – GPS
* Memori internal 2Gb – Eksternal MicroSD – 1GHz prosesor
* Konektivitas HSDPA – WiFi – Bluetooth 3.0
* Baterai 1500 mAh

Samsung wave S8500 estimated prices : US $436

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