Nokia N97 Specs CPU, is it strong enough for modern phones?

Nokia N97 Specs CPU just only used 434 Mhz of processor speed, i thing it is not best CPU for modern phones, we know that if we need full entertainment mobile phones, we also need the best cpu, so.. on Nokia N97 Specs Cpu, is it strong enough for modern phones?. You can compare it with Nokia N900, N900 used 600 Mhz of Cpu speed and it's good for full multimedia phones. Truly, I like the Nokia N97 features as like big screen and qwerty design and also Camera, but i don't know, i thing CPU speed is one of disadvantages from Nokia N97. The powerfull CPU is needed for Modern Multimedia Mobile Phone, so.. better you check Nokia N900 for better CPU speed than Nokia N97 Cpu speed.. Have fun..

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