Nokia Nuron 5230 - medium class from Nokia Mobile Phones !!

Well.. Nokia Nuron 5230 or also just called Nokia 5230 is middle entry from Nokia Touchscreen product. You know that Nokia 5230 Nuron come 'as like Nokia 5800' but there is something different between both of them.Nokia 5230 is downgrade version of Nokia 5800 ..
Nokia 5230
So.. what more from Nokia 5230? truly, I love this Nokia Mobile Phones series, it's perfect for young people who want to get the funky gadget.. Screen size and touch screen technology is one of the best advantage from Nokia Nuron 5230 ..

Nokia 5230 come with GPS, 3G, HSDPA, and Symbian OS, there is no WIFI, that it's lack of Nokia 5230 Nuron. 2Mp Of camera with 30fps Video record, i like this..
Nokia Nuron 5230
If you want to try Nokia Touchscreen with cheap price, you can try this.. A lot of people like this phones, why? because it's very cheap and worth to buy. For me, Nokia 5230 is perfect for middle class user.. You can watch video and browsing with comfortable.. The Screen size is perfect for Entertainment as like gaming. You can also use GPS on Nokia 5230, without WIFI, Nokia 5230 is not bad, you can use unlimited internet provider.. right?
Here is some key of Nokia Nuron 5230 : 3,2" Screen, Touchscreen, HSDPA & 3G, 2Mp of Camera, GPS, 3.5 Jack Audio. Gaming and entertainment is comfortable.. so.. what about you?

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