Sony Ericsson Naite J105 - Cheap 3G HSDPA Phone from SE

Sony Ericsson Naite or SE J105 is cheap 3G HSDPA Phone from SE. The Green Phone series with great connectivity features as like 3G and HSDPA. If you buy this phone, you just only get phones, headset, charger, and manual book, no free memory card and no data cable.But don't worry, if you plug in your SE Naite to your computer, there will appear and automatic installation.

The Sony Ericsson J105 Naite is not first cheap HSDPA and 3G phones from Sony Ericsson Mobile, yeah you know that SE G502 is the "brother" of this Naite. So what the beautiful thing from SE Naite? I jst want to say PRICE and PERFORMANCE is worth to buy. i also like Micro SD slot and not M2 slot... it's new thing from SE Mobile.. great.. If you like Modding, The SE Naite also can modded, i have read and follow in some Sony Ericsson forum and they can make the Sony Ericsson Naite more better !! but you must to know about own risk, right dude? Nice cheap SE phone with 3G and HSDPA !!

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